A beautiful flower collar that makes chrysanthemums stand out even more

How do you make a showy product like chrysanthemums look just a little bit more special? That was the question grower Beyond Chrysant asked design bureau Mirakuleus and Van der Windt Verpakking. The result: a beautiful flower collar.

Beyond Chrysant is one of the most renowned chrysanthemum growers. It is an innovative family business with premises in Hoek van Holland and Naaldwijk. Beyond Chrysant pays considerable attention to the presentation of their high-quality product – the Zembla and Baltica varieties of chrysanthemum. The new collar is a good example of this. It’s not only its unique look that makes it an eye-catching addition. The collar also increases the packing capacity and protects the flowers. Mirakuleus was responsible for the design, Van der Windt/Olsthoorn Verpakkingen for the intensive guidance that resulted in a perfect translation of the design into an outstanding product. Are we proud of the end result? You can count on it!

If you have any questions call Paul Endhoven, Sales Horticulture, on +31 (0) 174636229, or e-mail paul.endhoven@vanderwindt.com.


7 November 2016