When it comes to Corporate Social Responsibility a market leader has a duty to operate in a way that sets a good example. This is a duty that we at Van der Windt take very seriously. We want to inspire other companies by having a clear and forward-looking CSR policy. Social issues challenge us to take a critical look at our own business and we do this on the basis of ISO 26000. How do we contribute towards People, Planet and Profit? We tell you an honest and clear story.

People: people make our company

Employees, suppliers, stakeholders and clients… People make our company. This has a flip side: Obligations. Our employees receive what they are entitled to receive. Not just in terms of an honest wage and income, but also in the area of training, working conditions and (social) provisions.
We are also exceptionally alert regarding the working conditions at our suppliers. That’s why we are a member of the BSCI, an international code of conduct aimed at improving working and environmental conditions throughout the supply chain.
We also support a number of worthy causes, including the Ronald McDonald House Sophia in Rotterdam and various local (sports) clubs.

Planet: eco-innovation

We carry out various activities aimed at minimising our impact on the environment and comply with the ISO 14001 standard for the efficient management and improvement of our environmental performance. CSR also challenges us to look critically at our products. We are pioneers in the field of bio-based packaging. This is packaging made of renewable raw materials, such as corn or potato starch.

We also have our own research centre, The LCA Centre that uses the accepted LCA method to determine the environmental-impact of our packaging and disposables. Having this information helps us seek out alternative products with a lower environmental-impact. It is, for example, how the Bright® range of products with a measurably lower environmental-impact came into being. Our scientific approach is supported by the Dutch environmental organisation Natuur & Milieu.

Profit: healthy profit

Achieving a healthy profit is vital for the continuity of our business and provides a solid basis for our CSR policy. At the same time, sustainability contributes towards our profit targets. Everything revolves around having the right balance between finance and the interests of people and the environment.

Our striving to be a good employer stimulates the involvement and motivation of our employees. Our choice of respected suppliers guarantees our products will be of a good quality. Offering sustainable packaging solutions, for example solutions that provide better protection from spoiling or that reduce the quantity of material used, can be attractive for both the client and for us from an economic perspective. Energy savings and a thrifty use of raw materials result in direct cost-savings.