Discover the world of Van der Windt

Facilitation, ICT and Finance

From a clean desk to super-fast internet. Thanks to the people in our Facilitation and ICT departments we can all do our jobs properly. Whereas Facilitation takes care of maintenance, keeping our workplace clean and ensuring the right facilities are available, ICT monitors and manages the continuity of our business processes.
Finance is also responsible for keeping our company functioning, but in a different way. The department steers and manages the business processes based on figures, such as financial administration, external reporting and budgeting, and also seeks out the story behind the figures.

Logistics and Transport

We have full control of all the logistics related to orders. We have our own fleet of 25 trucks and a 20,000m2 warehouse with space for 19,000 pallets. With a total range of over 15,000 articles making sure clients get their orders when they want and where they want demands a logistics organisation that runs with military precision. From the gathering, checking and logging of outgoing orders and the processing of incoming goods to drawing up strategic plans. From warehouse assistant and planner to truck driver. Together they keep the business moving!

Purchasing and Sales

Our Purchasers travel around the world looking for inspiration, surprising innovations and the best purchasing deals. They select the right suppliers and compile the range per segment in collaboration with the Sales department. This means the responsibility for purchases is shared by Purchasing and Sales – a combination that ensures we are always close to the source and can react quickly. It is this variety within the job that makes working for Van der Windt so enjoyable and challenging. The Field Sales team, supported by the Sales team in the office, then takes this range to the (international) market. The people in the Sales team in the office help with compiling estimates and coordinate the logistics process from order to delivery.

Marketing & Communications and Design

To stand out from the competition a company must be creative. Our Marketing & Communications department is the refreshing brain behind our organisation. This is where trend-watchers and creative people work. They keep a close eye on market developments and translate them into unique packaging ideas and surprising concepts. Our own design studio is responsible for turning the ideas into end products. A new packaging design, a product leaflet, a newsletter or an exhibition stand? You name it!