Innovative packaging concepts

A thorough knowledge of markets, products and materials translates into efficient and innovative packaging solutions. Packaging must protect, preserve, inform and entice buying. It must also comply with demands related to user-friendliness and environmental-responsibility. When creating packaging concepts we take all these demands into account and thus ensure the end product is both functional and differentiating.

Our own design studio

Van der Windt has its own, in-house design studio. The Studio is responsible for the graphics process that transforms a packaging concept into a finished packaging product. We know and understand the (im)possibilities of different printing technologies and adapt our designs accordingly. And because the Studio stays in close contact with suppliers regarding its (technical) execution you are always guaranteed an effective packaging design.

Packaged for prominence

The packaging is an important marketing tool. We ensure your product and/or name stands out prominently. On the shelf and on the way to the shelf. Under the name WrappIDup we design and develop the most attractive (client-specific) packaging.

Do you have an interesting idea, or are you, as a company, experiencing problems with the efficient packaging of your specific product(s)? We would be delighted to think along with you to find the right solution in every link of the chain. Contact us.