Guaranteed quality

Packaging has to fulfil stringent demands. Not only in terms of functionality and quality, but also in the area of product protection and sustainability. Van der Windt has its own Quality Service staffed by people know all the (legal) regulations and guidelines with which a packaging must comply.

Knowledge of materials

Quality depends on knowledge of materials. Not all materials are suitable for contact with food. This is why we set great store by transparency regarding the origin and composition of our products. One of the risks is migration. The term migration refers to the degree to which the packaging gives off harmful substances that can be transferred to the food. Migration testing identifies the substances that are present and the degree to which they are released.

Product and process certification

We tell our clients a clear story. All our products are supplied accompanied by the required (food safety) certificates, codes and safety information sheets. With Van der Windt every (internal) certification procedure runs smoothly. So clients are assured of both high-quality products and a trustworthy supplier.