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  • NEW! ComFort disinfectant wipes

    The ComFort Alcohol Disinfectant Wipes don’t give bacteria, moulds and yeasts a chance. The disinfectant wipes are ideal for disinfecting...

    News - 12 September 2017
    Cleaning materials wholesalers Ship chandlers
  • Would you like to advertise with coffee?

    Time for a coffee, time to stop for a moment and relax, time when things you are too busy to...

    News - 7 September 2017
    Horti Wholesale packaging AGRI
  • Hot news for meat processors: the Optiflow Freezer Spacer!

    With Plastic Frost’s new Optiflow Freezer Spacers energy savings of 25% and freezing time reduction of 40% are not the...

    News - 7 September 2017
    Food Industry Slaughter­houses and meat processors
  • Planet Organic opts for environmentally-responsible disposables from Van der Windt!

    Planet Organic is the largest organic retail formula in the UK. There are numerous organic health food products on sale....

    News - 7 September 2017
    The fruit and vegetable processing industry Food Industry Convenience food companies
  • One-stop shopping for the meat-processing industry

    The meat-processing industry uses a lot of packaging. So working with a supplier who can deliver the entire package in...

    News - 21 August 2017
    Food Industry Slaughter­houses and meat processors Convenience food companies
  • Potted chrysanthemums become chic ‘must haves’ in customised packaging

    Kwekerij Apartus is a Dutch grower of high-quality potted chrysanthemums in unique colours and varieties. Wouldn’t it be a shame...

    News - 21 August 2017
    Flower and plant importers/exporters Flower/potted plant wholesalers Potted plant growers
  • A flying start for pre-sliced vegetables and fruit packaging: Sunshine Juice

    Freshly-sliced fruit is one of the specialities of Sunshine Juice. And these products are now sold in PET lidded containers...

    News - 21 August 2017
    Convenience food companies Wholesale packaging The fruit and vegetable processing industry
  • TG Flowers’ high quality reflected by its new house-style on sleeves

    Van der Windt has supplied the sleeves for TG Flowers’ lilies for many years. When TG Flowers introduced its new...

    News - 11 July 2017
    Cut flower growers Flower/potted plant wholesalers Flower and plant importers/exporters
  • Our packaging goes out of the door by the bucketful

    ‘Top quality chicken specialities’. It’s how Rocar describes its products on its own website. And if your products are top...

    News - 11 July 2017
    Packaging wholesalers Food Industry Slaughter­houses and meat processors
  • Healthy snacks from AsperGrow in our packaging are on sale at Albert Heijn

    Healthy snacks are in. Albert Heijn knows this too, which is why its ‘AH to go’ concept includes a range...

    News - 11 July 2017
    AGRI Glasshouse growers Fruit growers The fruit and vegetable processing industry
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