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  • One-stop shopping for the meat-processing industry

    The meat-processing industry uses a lot of packaging. So working with a supplier who can deliver the entire package in...

    News - 21 August 2017
    Food Industry Slaughter­houses and meat processors Convenience food companies
  • Update on ban on free plastic bags

    In the eleven and a half months since the ban on giving customers a free plastic bag with their purchases...

    News - 7 November 2016
    Packaging wholesalers Food Industry AGRI
  • Serviettes for Coca Cola from Van der Windt Packaging Belgium

    Van der Windt Belgium is setting to work for a very well known client – Coca-Cola Belgium. We are producing...

    News - 20 October 2016
    Food Industry
  • A conical bag fir for a King’s Birthday made-to-measure in no time at all

    Conical bags remain an ideal packaging. Including for Choco Support, which has come to Van der Windt for the packaging...

    News - 31 May 2016
    Food Industry
  • The ElastiTag® remains a source of inspiration

    The well-known ElastiTag® – the most flexible communications means there is – has added jam, beer and breakfast to its...

    News - 31 May 2016
    Food Industry Beer, wine and spirits producers and distributors AGRI
  • From bottle label to door hanger: Van der Windt supplies it

    How do you draw extra attention to two new products in an over-full wine shop? Answer: with the ElastiTag®. The...

    News - 22 March 2016
    Food Industry FMCG companies (food) Beer, wine and spirits producers and distributors
  • Hero uses ElastiTag® for its Bee-careful initiative

    Hero sought an eye-catching way to introduce Bee-careful and Van der Windt’s ElastiTag® was the answer. This temporary message carrier...

    News - 13 October 2015
    Food Industry FMCG companies (food)
  • Stand out through the packaging

    Step inside the world of our ideas factory: WrappIDup. When it comes to designing and developing unique packaging solutions, Van...

    News - 13 October 2015
    AGRI Horti Food Industry E-fulfilment
  • Develop a new display box? Cool!

    Coolpack BV, a well-known supplier of cooling elements and gel-icepacks, has been a Van der Windt Verpakking client for a...

    News - 2 June 2015
    Food Industry E-fulfilment The fruit and vegetable processing industry
  • Co-creation Big Green Egg: Appetizing packaging and disposables

    The Big Green Egg® is more than just a barbeque. It is a ceramic outdoor cooking concept in which everything...

    Co-creation - 17 April 2015
    Packaging wholesalers Wholesale packaging Food Industry