Nice to meat Van der Windt

Are there still some meat processing companies that haven’t discovered the convenience of Van der Windt Verpakking? And the efficiency of one-stop-shopping? For example for industrial abattoirs that use pallet boxes combined with a one-time-use plastic pallet.

Van der Windt has various models of these pallet boxes in stock. For example, boxes with shortened flaps on the underside and a separate lid, or boxes with closing bottom and top flaps in double corrugated cardboard. Heavy-duty models (3-layers) are also not a problem. Boxes sized 80 x 120 cm or 100 x 120 cm can, if wished, also be supplied with a one-way plastic pallet (freezer-proof to -20 degrees Celsius). How much weight can the pallet bear? Up to 900 kilo! And if you want to immediately hold the box in place with strapping tape we can supply that as well.

Solid cardboard

We also offer a good selection of boxes in solid cardboard ranging from 600 grams to 1250 grams per m2. Handy that these boxes, in every imaginable model, can be supplied by Van der Windt from stock.Your own printing? Lids can be printed in up to eight colours (flexo or offset) with your name, logo or other information.
Meat boxes in the commonly used sizes – 58 x 37 x 15 cm, 50 x30 x 10 cm and 30 x 40 x 12 cm – can also be supplied from stock as can glued at six points boxes (with or without a glued-in window).
We supply per pallet (a combination of base plus pallet lid is possible).

For more information call Richard de Wit on +31 (0)6 51092332.