Segment Food Industry

  • Fish processers
  • Slaughter­houses and meat processors
  • FMCG companies (food)
  • Convenience food companies
  • Dairy companies
  • Beer, wine and spirits producers and distributors
  • The food industry (miscellaneous)

Food Industry packaging

Van der Windt Verpakking has been the trusted chain partner of many companies in the food industry for many years. The packaging is an important link between the producer and the consumer. We will be pleased to help you compile a (cost) efficient range of packaging for every link in the chain – from efficient processing and optimum transportation to an eye-catching presentation to consumers.


We supply packaging and disposables for the most diverse types of food and food applications. From special packaging for processing and transportation, such as films, vacuum bags, labels and pallet materials, to client-specific packaging that forms a component of market activities, such as client-specific (printed) topseal, flowpack and deep drawn films, menu containers, dishes, resealable bags and containers. We are also the right address for your hygiene articles and HACCP products.

Food safety

Everyone who works with food knows the importance of food-safe working. Good hygiene in the working area is important and there are also specific demands related to packaging that comes into contact with food. Our people know all the regulations and guidelines with which packaging must comply as well as the stipulations related to certification and (food) safety. All our products are supplied with the required certificates, codes and safety sheets. Our organisation is BRC certificated.


Food safety is one of the prerequisites for quality, but there are others. Packaging plays an important role in product protection and preservation because the right packaging extends the shelf-life of fresh produce. As a specialist in packaging solutions for the food industry we will be happy to advise you about the advantages of an optimum packaging.

Presentation and promotion

Quality is one of the most important sales arguments, but presentation and user convenience also play a major role. In our own Grafimedia centre we design and develop beautiful packaging that reflects current food trends and help create an optimum on-the-shelf presentation. We also continuously seek out clever packaging concepts that will be advantageous for your fresh products, such as films that combine a special anti-condensation effect with laser perforation.

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