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Reducing wastage, and with it failure costs, is a key issue in the agricultural sector. With the right packaging products will stay fresh for longer. That’s something we know all about at Van der Windt. As a thoroughbred Westland company our roots are in the Agri sector. We have been selling fruit and vegetable packaging since 1969.




Our range includes pallet stabilisation material, sleeves, bags, cardboard boxes, wooden crates, films, nets, labels, interiors, trays and punnets. We offer a standard range and are specialists in custom-made fruit and vegetable packaging.
We also help clients with the development of new packaging concepts. Concepts that add value in every link of the chain. From efficient processing and optimum protection during transportation to an eye-catching presentation in the shop. Concepts that also take all the stipulations related to food safety into account.

Reducing wastage

Reducing wastage is a key issue in the Agri sector, in part in the context of sustainability. We supply various packaging materials that maintain the quality of fresh fruit and vegetables and extend their shelf life. The packaging is also an excellent carrier of information to consumers about the best way to store the product. We will be delighted to help you make the right choice(s).

Faster processing

Investing in good packaging pays dividends. With the right packaging you will reduce processing time considerably. Van der Windt offers various packaging solutions as part of the (automated) packaging process. As a specialist in the Agri sector we know the problems our clients come up against. We translate this knowledge into innovative packaging solutions.

Stand out via the packaging

Developments aimed at innovation and perception are the future. This applies not only for the products themselves but also for the packaging. The packaging plays a major role in creating brand and product image. Both on the way and on the shelf. How do you ensure the consumer opts for your product? With an attractive and tempting packaging.  

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