Segment Horti

  • Potted plant growers
  • Cut flower growers
  • Herb growers
  • Retailers
  • Flower/potted plant wholesalers
  • Flower and plant importers/exporters
  • Plant cuttings and breeding companies

Ornamental horticulture and herb packaging

Van der Windt Verpakking has been THE specialist in packaging solutions for the plant and flower sector for 45 years. We supply a complete range of ornamental horticulture packaging and can deliver from stock. Our range includes flower and plant sleeves, films, Danish boxes, display boxes, plant trays and advanced packaging machines.


The packaging is an essential link in the ornamental horticulture chain. Our sustainable packaging solutions guarantee the right route from grower to consumer: From efficient handling and protection during transportation to maintaining shelf life and optimum presentation in the shop. We will be happy to advise you regarding compiling a (cost)-efficient range of packaging that could include both standard and made-to-measure articles.

An efficient packaging process

We offer various packaging solutions as part of the (automated) packaging process. Our primary focus in regard to such solutions is on the possibilities of achieving concrete savings through faster and smarter packaging. For example, packaging that requires fewer processes, reduces material usage or saves space.

Optimum transport

Good packaging is an essential component of the logistics process. We offer a number of packaging solutions for the optimum transportation of flowers and plants so that shelf life and quality is retained.

An eye-catching presentation

As a specialist in ornamental horticulture packaging we know what appeals to the consumer. Quality is one of the most important sales arguments, but presentation also plays a major role. We translate current consumer (buying) trends into differentiating packaging solutions that will increase your market share.

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