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Non-food Industry Packaging

The packaging is an important link between the producer and the end user. Van der Windt has been the trusted packaging partner of companies in the non-food industry sector for many years. Where are there opportunities for more efficient purchasing, stock management and logistical supply? How can you, as a company, differentiate yourself at a product level? We will be delighted to help you compile a (cost) efficient selection of packaging.


We supply a total range of (industrial) packaging and packaging machines. Our offering includes LDPE and HDPE films, transportation packaging, filling material, (outer) boxes and mailing packaging. We also supply ancillary products, such as HACCP disposables and hygiene products.

Just-in-time delivery

Our clients benefit from our one-stop-shop concept and excellent delivery reliability. Over 15,000 articles can be supplied immediately from stock, we have our own fleet of delivery trucks and clients also profit from our just-in-time delivery service.

A focus on TCO

We believe in the power of a total-chain approach as a basis for a lower Total Cost of Ownership. We advise clients regarding efficient purchasing, storage and logistics. We also help them with the development of (made-to-measure) packaging concepts that add value in every link of the chain – from efficient processing and optimum transportation to an eye-catching presentation for the end-user. We guarantee the most efficient route from producer to consumer. This means lower costs and more profit. When it comes to the bottom line, with Van der Windt you are always better off.

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