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Wholesale packaging

Van der Windt Verpakking has been a trusted packaging supplier to many wholesalers for over 45 years. We supply a wide range of packaging and ancillary articles to wholesalers in a number of sectors including packaging wholesalers, cleaning materials wholesalers, technical wholesalers and ship chandlers.

As our range comprises a complete offering of packaging, food disposables, hygiene disposables and garbage bags, our clients profit from a one-stop-shop. We guarantee high availability and excellent delivery reliability – many of our products can be delivered immediately from stock.

Achieving growth together

Our service provision encompasses more than just the supply of products. We advise clients about efficient purchasing, stock management and logistical supply and apply our knowledge of and expertise with products and markets to help them achieve their growth ambitions. For us, achieving growth together is a key principle.

International sourcing

We have offices in the Netherlands, Belgium, England and Ireland and a purchasing office in Asia. Our Purchasers ‘operate’ close to the source and know precisely what is happening in the market and what is available. Developments and innovations do not go unnoticed by Van der Windt. This enables us to react quickly so we can respond to current needs. And because we purchase in large volumes we, and therefore our clients, profit from keen prices.

Innovative concepts

Van der Windt is the partner that thinks along with you for your benefit. Where are the opportunities in the field of efficient purchasing, stock management and logistics? How can we minimise our products’ environmental-impact? We offer diverse products and services with which you can make a difference in the market.
In our own research centre, The LCA Centre, we determine the environmental-impact of packaging and disposables using the recnowned LCA Method. This knowledge helps us seek out alternative packaging solutions with a lower environmental-impact. We are also very happy to think along with you when you want to stand out at a product level. Under the name WrappIDup we develop (customised) productconcepts.

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