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Ship chandlers

Van der Windt Verpakking supplies ship chandlers with a wide range of on-board necessities varying from serviettes and coffee cups to garbage bags and toilet paper. Most products can be delivered immediately from stock.

On the deck, in the galley, in the canteen or restaurant. Our complete range of consumer articles, food disposables and HACCP disposables for on board a (cruise) ship includes disposable plates, coffee cups, garbage bags, gloves, protective clothing, paper hand towels and toilet paper.

Alongside a wide range of standard products we also supply a number of our own lines, such as ComFort®; the trusted brand for a complete range of HACCP disposables and accessories for over 20 years. Another example is our eye-catching Biodore® concept. The range comprises various food disposables, drinks necesseties and garbage bags all made only of natural materials.

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